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The next six pictures were taken in Ireland. The first one was taken in front of Killua Castle, and the next four were taken at Drewstown House..

Mike Gill, me, and Éimear Roche.

Mike, me, and Éimear

Brendan Whelan.

Brendan Whelan

Éimear and Susie Coffey

Éimear and Susie

This is the team who went to Ireland with the privilege of serving at Drewstown House for thirteen days in October '98 (for obvious reasons I won't list out all the names). Some of these people I knew already, and some I met on this trip. I was glad to get to know those I didn't and get to know better those I did. Éimear was as much a part of our team as any of us.

Ireland team

Misty Isak, who was on the Ireland team in October '99.

Misty Isak

This is Misty at the Japanese Gardens at the Irish National Stud.

Below is a picture of another Irish friend Elaine (on the left) and my sister, Sherry. Elaine is from Northern Ireland.

Elaine and Sherry

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